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Fast Talking Vets (Get Help Immediately When Cats Stop Eating)

Most veterinarians and scientific studies say that cats are in grave danger if they go without food for more than a day or two.

I was recently stunned to discover that 2 veterinarians at a local clinic follow a unique protocol for feline critical care. These 2 vets recently saw one of my clients’ cats . . . → Read More: Fast Talking Vets (Get Help Immediately When Cats Stop Eating)


In Case Of Emergency (Give My Contact Info To Family)

If you live alone, it’s a good idea to make sure your loved ones have your pet sitter’s contact info. They can then contact the sitter if you ever have an emergency and need me to step in immediately.

This is especially important if your loved ones live out-of-town or if you don’t think they’d . . . → Read More: In Case Of Emergency (Give My Contact Info To Family)


Peaceful Transitions (In-Home Euthanasia)

A cat who was dear to me died this week. It’s always very hard for me to hear news like this.

Jane Ear's death in 2006 broke my heart

There was a stretch of 4 years in which 3 of my own cats died, and during that time I had a lot of ideas . . . → Read More: Peaceful Transitions (In-Home Euthanasia)


Alpha-Vet Soup (Choosing A Vet)

Finding a great vet can be a challenge. There are lots of good veterinarians in our area and you might need to visit a few before you find one you click with.

I think the most important quality to look for is someone who communicates well with you and who works with you to problem-solve . . . → Read More: Alpha-Vet Soup (Choosing A Vet)


Small Animal Massage Workshop

I attended another really cool, hands-on workshop at my vet (Hawks Prairie Veterinary Hospital) taught by Marnie Black on Tellington Touch (TTouch) and massage. Marnie is licensed in Small Animal Massage and specializes in working with animals who have special needs.


Other participants brought their animals, but since I went to the workshop . . . → Read More: Small Animal Massage Workshop