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Royal Farewell (Emma’s Departure)

Last week, my family suffered a huge loss. Emma – my youngest (8 yr old) and we thought healthiest cat – was hit by a sudden illness and she did not survive.

I’m still in shock because although The Velveteen Princess was blind, FIV+, and had occasional seizures, this was the only illness that caused . . . → Read More: Royal Farewell (Emma’s Departure)


The Last Slipper (Choosing Euthanasia & Planning End-Of-Life Indulgences)

I believe that one of the greatest gifts I can give my companions is a peaceful, dignified, pain-free end to their suffering.

Andy in 2010

This is why I recently called on Dr. Blair Burggren at Peaceful Transitions, our regional in-home euthanasia veterinarian to help my Andy die comfortably at home in my arms. . . . → Read More: The Last Slipper (Choosing Euthanasia & Planning End-Of-Life Indulgences)


Peaceful Transitions (In-Home Euthanasia)

A cat who was dear to me died this week. It’s always very hard for me to hear news like this.

Jane Ear's death in 2006 broke my heart

There was a stretch of 4 years in which 3 of my own cats died, and during that time I had a lot of ideas . . . → Read More: Peaceful Transitions (In-Home Euthanasia)