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“Kari loves us, entertains us, and cares for us better than our regular staff who, frankly, sometimes take us for granted. We feel so comfortable with her that we now encourage our regular staff to go away more often.”~ Master Yoda and HRH Princess Leia

“I love how you love our furry kids!! Thank you so much for making sure all the critters have way too good a time to even miss us!”~ Daisy, Chloe, & Casey’s mom (Nancy)

“I strongly believe in what you do. I have every confidence in your abilities.” ~ Jo MacGugan, founder of Feline Friends

“Our last sitter just went through the motions. The girls didn’t greet her when she came in. I know the girls connect with you. They’re relaxed when we leave. We & the girls sense that you really care about them & it’s not just a job to you. You truly care about them. Thanks!” ~ Sophie & Ashley’s mom (Shelley)

Sparky enjoys a paper party while his family is away. Perfect time to make a mess!

Sparky enjoys a paper party while his family is away. Perfect time to make a mess!

“I thought was very cool that you attempted to create an inquisitive environment for her by leaving treats and toys around and letting me know that some of them got eaten and some toys had been moved around.’ ~ Bob

“I tell the Trio that you are their Auntie. The Trio tells me that you are their guardian angel. They had no anxiety last night when I arrived. I think they may have even hoped it was you… They look so healthy and happy!.. I can’t think of anyone (a-n-y-o-n-e) whom I now trust more with my gang of 3. They love you and help me consider my next away venture so that they can see you.”~ The Trio’s mama (Donna Doerer)

“We cherish our time with each cat duo through the years and we’ve never run across any sitter of your caliber before.  We’re lucky and want you to know how much we appreciate you.” ~ Tunny and Benjie’s people

“Your chatty texts are very reassuring! I appreciate being able to relax, knowing the cats are in excellent hands.” ~ Sosie, Kit, & Polly’s parents

quote-jazzoid-charlie-IMAG9915b“Kari the Cat Whisperer spends time observing the cats each time she visits. You can go enjoy yourself & be completely secure in the care of your kitties while you are away. Out of a bazillion people, for some unknown reason, Kari has once-in-a-lifetime skills with animals. She is unique, in the world. Simply put, Kari is the BEST.” ~Tinny’s best buddy (John)

“I really notice a difference in the way our cats behave when you have been with them during one of our trips. They act as if we have only been gone for the day.”  ~ CW

“You were amazing! The personal attention to the cats was great. So were the daily emails!.. You asked about things we had not thought of. You were great, Kari!” ~ KB & MB

“We’ve been extolling your praises on anyone who would listen & maybe to some who weren’t. We are so appreciative of your love & care! Loved the emails that were perceptive & entertaining, as well as often & even with pictures!” ~ Buddie’s humans

“Thank you for taking action when you saw signs of Oscar not feeling well. The vet said you did everything right!” ~ Oscar, Lila, & Louie’s humans (T & T)

“Thank you so much for doing what you do; people with animals that have special needs are blessed to have your help. I’m so grateful that I found you!!”~ Mandy & Lucy’s mama

“I appreciate you being there more than I can say! It makes me feel better to know that you are there… Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are a lifesaver,” ~ Mama to Lula (Rabeeha)

“I wanted to take the time to truly thank you for everything that you have done for my girls. You are truly one of the biggest blessings in our lives this year and the words of gratitude that I have are not enough.” ~ Ella & Lily’s mama (Lori)

“Kari is knowledgeable & experienced with cats (feral & other). She’s very caring & understands the pet owner’s anxiety”~ Humans of the Tyler Tribe

“I chose to work with you because of your credentials and you loved my kitties as soon as you met them. I will DEFINITELY use you again. The love between you and my kitties was natural from the beginning. You were open & flexible with all of my neurotic and specific details. You’re wonderful! Thank you!” ~ Lucy, Duncan, and Gus’s mom (Lindsay)

“You did a great job with the kitties… I felt so much better getting daily feedback from you. It helped me to relax and enjoy my trip knowing that they were OK.” ~ Felix and Oscar’s mom (Emily)

“We like your willingness to spend time with the cats & not just [do the basics].” ~ Snowball, Skippy, & Pumpkin’s mom


“The reviews are in. They go something like “purr. Purr purr purr purr. Purr purr. Purr purr purrrrrrrrr.” ” ~ Leslie & Michele

“Thank you so much for everything. Your action saved Mac’s life. I truly appreciate your care & incredible attention.”  ~ Mac’s mom

“You spoiled my pets! Thank you, Kari! You do what you do VERY WELL. Keep up the great work! I feel very confident & good about you being the pet sitter for my little loves. Thank you.” ~ Humans of the Tyler Tribe

“You are such a great cat nanny because you think of so many things to keep them entertained.” ~ human staff for Master Yoda and HRH Princess Leia

“You came highly recommended by other pet sitters, were friendly, & obviously got on very well with my kids from the start!”  ~ Meri

“We all love & appreciate you so much. We’re so lucky to have you in our lives.” ~ Mom to 9 cats & 2 dogs (Becky)

“Your care & love for my babies was so evident! Even though we were given other referrals we,  knew we wouldn’t find anyone any better!” ~ Mom to 9 cats & 2 dogs (Becky)

Ida's "I've missed you, Auntie Kari" greeting

Ida’s “I’ve missed you, Auntie Kari” greeting

“We appreciate your enthusiasm for our individual cats’ & interests as individuals. Clearly you’re actively addressing their unique needs for sensory stimuli.”~ Leslie & Michele

“You’re AWESOME! I love your organization & knowledge of animals. The kitties will be asking for you!” ~ Alex & Tigger’s human (Val)

“You were perfect for Tucker! Gentle, sensitive, & played with him so his 30 days of loneliness were more interesting.” ~ Tucker’s family (Mary & Bob)

“Thank you for all the love you have shown my girls. I can tell they are very comfortable with you. You are one in a million!” ~ Ashley & Sophie’s human (Shelley)

“You’re the best!.. Instilled great confidence that my supreme feline would be properly pampered and adored… Keep up the goodness!” ~ Anonymous

“I liked your attention to detail, constant communication (text messages and notes) and most of all, you love my pet. Well done!” ~ Oscar and Lila’s people (Tracy & Tim)

The Kids

“I chose to work with you because of Jo’s [Feline Friends] recommendation and your rapport with the cats during your initial visit. I like the care and attention you gave to my cats. Good feedback in the notes you left.” ~ Kira, Frodo, Fizzgig and Amelia’s person (Jay)

“I wanted to work with a professional because I’ve had trouble with neighbors sitting in the past. I wanted to work with you because you clicked with me & my cats. You’re professional, detail-oriented, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic.” ~ Ruby, Jack, Jill, Scarlet, and Grayson’s mom (Jocelyn)

“I can’t tell you how much I value your advice. You have encyclopedic knowledge when it comes to animals and I appreciate the time you take to share it with me.” ~ Mom to Pepper, Toby, & Doris (Christina)

“Again, thanks for all the extra time and care you have given to both of them while we are gone. I hope you know how much of a blessing you are!” ~ Parents to Louie and Lila (Tracy & Tim)

“My cat was happy & friendly on my return. The detailed journal was a great touch!” ~ Anonymous

“You’re very genuine, honest, caring… You’ve proven yourself reliable and caring; very dependable; and you go above and beyond!” ~ Stacy

“Thanks, Kari, for doing such a wonderful job of taking care of Fuji! Your services are wonderful & it would be difficult to find anyone who does a better job. We were VERY impressed with your professional approach and Fuji responded well to you. We really enjoyed your daily notes about your visits with Fuji. He loves his new treats! thanks for being so thoughtful! ~ Fuji’s parents (Gail & Greg)

“You actually interacted with the pets not just feed them and left… Impressed that the mess cats made was cleaned up.” ~ Missy, Bat-Bat, and Mo’s mom (Greta)


“Thank you for the peace of mind knowing my cats are safe and well cared for. You are a rare find! I chose to work with you because your credentials are very reassuring: CPR, Handicapped Pets Inc member, licensed, and insured. You are serious and dedicated to your profession. I also decided on you due to your understanding of shy pets.” ~ Foxy and Baby Boy’s mom (Marsha)

“Thank you for being so caring and professional… You truly have a furry fan for sure… I wanted to keep Tinny in his own environment and I needed to find someone who would spend time with him, play/love him and keep a wary eye on his medical well-being. I could always find any old person to ‘scoop and feed’. I wanted someone exactly like Kari!.. I appreciate your detailed, professional letter outlining the daily interactions/observations. You tended to Tinny’s grooming and you obviously loved, nurtured, and played with my boy’s every desire. Lastly, you provided me total peace of mind… Thanks for everything!.. I thought about [Tinny] frequently these last three days. I was not, however worried in the slightest, because I knew he was in your loving, caring embrace. This is very comforting to me. I did not fret one second thanks to you. ” ~ Tinny’s best buddy (John)


“I chose to work with you because of your work with homeless cats. You show natural love and empathy for animals… Your actions show you really care about your clients… You are very conscientious about client relationships and put a lot of thought into how to make your visits a good experience for [Cassie]. Keep doing what you’re doing!” ~ Cassie’s mom (Robin)

“I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Kari. She is ESPECIALLY good with medically fragile / special needs cats. ALL her adopted cats have VERY special needs… She will also know EXACTLY what to do in any emergency and will immediately recognize any distress signal requiring medical intervention. Part of her service is to stay and spend time observing the cats each time she comes to the house… This [situation with a friend’s cats] calls for Kari the Cat Whisperer!! This way you will be able to go and enjoy yourself and be completely secure in the care of your kitties while you are away. I know I have NO worries when I leave Tinny with her. Simply put, Kari is the BEST.” ~ Tinny’s best buddy (John)

Snowball is such a flirt!

Snowball is such a flirt!

“You did a great job. The kitties were loved & cared for. I LOVED the cat diary!.. I appreciate not having to worry about the kitties while we’re gone. I really trust, Kari, that they will be fine in your capable hands Thank you!” ~ Junipurr, Petunia & Mao’s mom (Mary Ann)

“I felt confident my pets were fine and our house secure. Job well done! Thank you!!… We chose to work with you because you exude confidence and a quiet calm manner, know CPR for pets, are bonded, and belong to a pet sitter association… I look forward to seeing you again this summer. I’m so happy I found you!!!!!” ~ Joey, Logan, Nana, & Putty Putt’s mom (Linda)

“You are very professional, very responsible, and really care for the cats… We really like that you left a detailed note, which we enjoyed!… I chose to work with a professional because it allows cats to stay in own home & on same routine & not caged.” ~ Sally & Desperado’s mom (Carol)

“I’m glad things went well with the pack. They were calm and happy when we got home which sez a lot about how successful the evening was with you… We like you a tremendous amount, and the dogs obviously liked you also! We think you rock.” ~ mom to The Pack: Clover, Garrett, Chase, Castle Rock, Jazz Bones, Midnight, Trouble, Trout, Peanut Butter, Buck & Dasher (Jen)

“You are doing a wonderful job! I’m SO glad I found you! You had an instant rapport with my animals (and me). I chose to work with you because You are very knowledgeable, thorough, organized, and have excellent credentials. You have a fine attention to detail” ~ Fraiser, Daphne, and Cody’s mom (Stacie)


“Thank you SO much for taking care of my precious boy. I’m always at peace when you are watching over Tinny with your loving ways. I know all of his physical needs are taken care of, however, more importantly, his emotional well-being is of paramount importance to you, and THIS is what allows me to leave without a single concern about T-man.” ~ Tinny’s best buddy (John)

“Daisy did a funny, sweet thing as we headed upstairs the night we got back. She paused at the top and peered into the guest room like she was hoping maybe you were still there!.. Would it be OK with you if I listed your website as a link on my blog?.. When we met I was impressed with your business-like approach and how our dogs immediately liked you… We look forward to using your services again. I’m so glad we found you!!. I would definitely recommend you to other pet owners!.. This is the first vacation I can remember where I had total peace of mind that my dogs were being lovingly cared for. Your insight into animals and how to keep them happy let us relax and feel confident that the dogs were in good hands.” ~ Murphy, Daisy, Chloe, & Casey’s mom (Nancy)

“I thought was very cool that you attempted to create an inquisitive environment for her by leaving treats and toys around and letting me know that some of them got eaten and some toys had been moved around.” ~ Bob



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