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Welcome to the virtual home of Kari Kells, a professional cat nanny/sitter in Olympia, Washington.

Please note, I’m not accepting new clients at this time.


Choplin, The Flirt

My clients will tell you that I’m a good match for families who are looking for a kitty sitter who will take her time and do far more than “just the basics”; when you want an auntie who interacts and makes personal connections with your feline family members; when you want to ensure that someone pays close attention to clues that could potentially indicate a health concern.

As their substitute staff, I make every effort to get to know each individual cat’s personality, so they actually look forward to seeing me. (Ok, I must confess. I also sorta hope that when they see you walk through the door again that they’ll be a little disappointed that their time with me is over.) I observe their play preferences and provide new toys that they might enjoy. If they want cuddles instead of playtime, that’s what we do. With shy cats, I invest time in making myself available without putting pressure on them to interact with me. For them, it’s often best for me to sit within view and read a book giving them time to decide to approach me. Some shy cats might never come around, but I still try to gain their trust because I don’t want them to be anxious every time I enter their home.

Fred loves our paper parties

I act as your eyes and ears while you’re away, so I keep an eye on anything that might indicate a health concern: changes in activity level, appetite, thirst, gait, balance, waste (odor, color, texture, frequency), drooling… Oh so many little details. I’m a worrier extraordinaire and I use my powers for good – making sure that your buddies are safe and comfortable while they’re in my care.

“I could tell the cats had been playing & that you changed things to make it more fun & interesting for them. You’re able to connect with them in a fun, cool, & relaxing way!“~ Panther & Tigerlily’s person (Beth), a fellow pet sitter

I’m committed to remaining a one-woman show. When you meet me, you’re meeting the person who will be entering your home and visiting your animals. This allows me to be certain that my clients receive consistent, top-notch care. I’ll never leave you hanging if I’m unavailable for part of your trip. Instead I can make arrangements to subcontract with another sitter or can refer you to other professional pet sitters who offer the highest quality care. To ensure that your cats receive care without any interruption, I have a Plan B in case of emergency. (Actually, I’m such a worrier that I have a Plan C, as well.)

“Our last sitter just went through the motions. The girls didn’t greet her when she came in. I know the girls connect with you. They’re relaxed when we leave. We & the girls sense that you really care about them & it’s not just a job to you. You truly care about them. Thanks!” ~ Sophie & Ashley’s mom (Shelley)

Fuzzy loves swatting at feather toys

I offer a range of cat care services, including:

  • Cat Sitting in your home – If you are going to be away from home for a long weekend or a month-long vacation, I can come to your home to give your cats food and fresh water as well as lots of attention and play.
  • Pet Taxi – I can provide transportation for and supervision of your cats for trips to the vet, groomer, or a friend’s house. You are welcome to ride along with us.
  • Gift certificates are available!

For your companions’ safety and your peace of mind, I am:

“I tell the Trio that you are their Auntie. The Trio tells me that you are their guardian angel. They had no anxiety last night when I arrived. I think they may have even hoped it was you! They look so healthy and happy!.. I can’t think of anyone (a-n-y-o-n-e) whom I now trust more with my gang of 3. They love you and help me consider my next away venture so that they can see you.”~ The Trio’s mama (Donna Doerer)

Lester the cuddle bug

Lester the cuddle bug

My expertise is special needs and shy cats. I understand and am sensitive to the unique needs of animals who have survived traumatic experiences that cause them to be very cautious when meeting new people. My greatest pleasure is indulging cats who have been rescued from difficult living situations. I love knowing that I’m contributing to their understanding of the world as a comfortable, safe place with abundant food and love. Feel free to ask me for references from people whose cats are extremely shy.

Take a look around my web site and if you don’t find answers to your questions, let me know.