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Former Feline Friends

PLEASE NOTE: I can no longer, in good conscience, continue supporting Feline Friends.*

What does this mean for my clients?

  • FF_notI no longer pick up your donations & deliver them to Feline Friends on your behalf. In the past, if you donated items that none of my other clients needed, I’d deliver the items to Feline Friends on your behalf. I no longer pickup & deliver your donations for their shelter, foster homes, or rummage sales. I can always take your food donations if you’re comfortable with me donating them to 2 local cat rescue groups who are always in need.
  • I will no longer to act as your cats’ guardian if Feline Friends is allowed to be involved in your cats’ welfare after your death. I’d be honored to continue being your cats’ guardian, as long as Feline Friends is extricated from the situation. But I must decline if you plan to involve that organization in your estate plans. Please update all relevant documents ASAP & let me know your decision.
  • I no longer offer Feline Friends discounts to new clients. I continue to offer this discount those of you who have already been getting the discount. But I no longer offer this reward for people who work with that organization.

* For more details, go to Former Feline Friends: splitting after 20 yrs.


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