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In Case Of Emergency (Give My Contact Info To Family)

If you live alone, it’s a good idea to make sure your loved ones have your pet sitter’s contact info. They can then contact the sitter if you ever have an emergency and need me to step in immediately.

This is especially important if your loved ones live out-of-town or if you don’t think they’d take care of your animals in the same way that you would. (Would they pamper them as much as you do?)

In addition to giving my pet sitter’s contact info to my family members, I keep my sitter’s phone number in my purse with my other emergency numbers: my primary care doctor and my next-of-kin. Her number is also in my “in case of emergency” list on my phone. I wanna cover all my bases!

One of my clients takes it even further. She taped a sign to her front door requesting that emergency personnel contact me if anything happens to her. I think that’s a fabulous idea, too!


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