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Why Choose Kari?

My clients will tell you that you can’t be there to take care of your pets, I’m the next best thing. I treat each animal as a unique individual who is part of my extended family. I take their lead as I get to know them, making sure to not overwhelm shy pets or neglect more gregarious ones.

“I really notice a difference in the way our cats behave when you have been with them during one of our trips. They act as if we have only been gone for the day.”  ~ CW

For your pets’ safety and your peace of mind, I am:

  • Certified in pet first aid and CPR by the American Red Cross.
  • Fully licensed and insured through Pet Sitters Associates, LLC. Pet sitter insurance provides protection for your home, property, and pets by covering expenses for accidents that result in property damage or injury. This insurance also covers other negligence claims like animals causing injuries to others while in my care. Click here to read more about pet sitter insurance.
  • Background check cleared. I’m happy to provide you with a copy of the results of my background check.
  • A member of National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS). I enthusiastically agree to abide by their Pledge of Professional Conduct.
  • A member of the Handicapped Pet Friendly Pet-Sitters program of Handicapped Pets, Inc.
  • Praised by Jo MacGugan, founder of Feline Friends! “I strongly believe in what Kari does. I have every confidence in her abilities.”
  • The former Knowledge and Research Manager for Mud Bay, Inc, the largest independent pet retailer in the Pacific Northwest. It used to be focused on healthy, organic, non-toxic food and supplies and was well-known for its knowledgeable staff, who used to be required to take courses in dog and cat nutrition and behavior. My job was to research, write and edit articles on a wide variety of topics within the fields of dog and cat nutrition, health, behavior and care. For example, in the course of just one week I researched and wrote about toxic plants, nutritional approaches to managing seizures in dogs, low-carb vs. grain-free pet foods, supplements and diets for FIV+ cats, and foods that are ideal for cats with early stages of renal failure. This job presented me with opportunities to learn a lot about dog and cat health issues.

“You’re the cat whisperer! You have an incredible gift for working with shy cats. Panther has chosen you as one of the very special chosen ones! You are in his Top 3!” ~ Panther & Tigerlily’s person (Beth), a fellow pet sitter

I specialize in working with pets who are shy or who have been traumatized. Not all pet lovers are sensitive to the unique needs of traumatized pets. We all have the pets’ best interests in mind, but some people misunderstand the behaviors exhibited by shy and traumatized cats and dogs. Their fears and anxieties are more pronounced when their routines are varied, such as when their families are away from home.

“Thank you so much for doing what you do; people with animals that have special needs are blessed to have your help. I’m so grateful that I found you!!”~ Mandy & Lucy’s mama

My experience with rescued cats has convinced me of the importance of being sensitive to each individual’s needs. Some dogs make a lot of eye contact while others don’t, and some cats understand the word “din-din” while others don’t. When we first meet, I’ll ask questions about your pets’ personalities and temperaments, their favorite toys and activities, words they recognize, and routines they’re used to. As I build relationships with them, I’ll pay close attention to their wants and needs.

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