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Please note, I’m not accepting new clients at this time.

My rates vary depending (mostly) on how long I’ll be at your home.

I accept cash, checks, cashier’s checks, credit/debit cards, and money orders.

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  • Free

I enjoy helping people connect with community resources that suit their needs: veterinarians, educational resources, veterinary grief counselors, in-home veterinary care options, local non-profits, etc. I even refer people to other pet sitters if I think someone else is better suited.

Miss Fuzzy

  • Free
During Meet-n-Greets you show me the usual routines, we answer each others questions, we complete the necessary paperwork, and I get your keys. (Click here if you would like detailed information about this meeting, including a list of questions I’ll ask.) I use a Service Agreement (ok, yeah, it’s a “contract” but that word sounds so scary and serious) so we can both make sure that we avoid misunderstandings about what services are included. Be sure to review my policies and procedures so that you understand the issues covered by the Service Agreement. The Service Agreement is a legally binding contract that must be signed before we begin working together. We only sign this paperwork once; it includes a clause stating that it covers future visits, animals you adopt in the future, and we can even make email or verbal revisions to it.
I ask new clients to pay a Reservation Deposit that is 50% of the service fee which is due 48 hours prior to the first visit. The remaining 50% is due at the time I make my first visit. Repeat clients are not required to pay this Reservation Deposit. Instead, they pay service fees at the beginning of each new service period.
Contact me to schedule a Meet-n-Greet.
testimonial-tracy-tim-etcPET SITTING
Whether you are going to be away for a long weekend or for a two month vacation, I love giving your companions lots of attention. I do far more than the basic necessities (food, water, and waste); I provide as much play and physical affection as each individual will allow. I can mix the length of visits if that works best for you. For example, many clients ask me to vary my visits so I stay for 30 min sometimes and 60 min other times.
* I stay longer whenever possible. The time frame we agree to is the minimum amount of time that I’ll spend with your pets during each visit. I love spending time with my furry and feathered friends, so getting extra time with them is as much of a treat for me as it is for them.
chelsea-lane-survey-why-work-w-k2-againThe following are included in Pet Sitting visits for no extra charge (as long as they fit into the length of visits you request):

  • Having meaningful dynamic playtime and cuddle time with each animal
  • Giving treats (if allowed)
  • Grooming
  • Medication administration
  • If requested, 60 minute visits include short walks for indoor or enclosed animals who are allowed outside
  • Washing water dish and providing clean, fresh water
  • Providing proper amount of food
  • Cleaning litter boxes and/or outdoor poop pick-up
  • Cleaning up accidents
  • Activity Journals (can be provided on paper, or through email, text, or on the phone)
  • Bringing in the newspapers and mail (if requested)
  • Checking all doors and windows
  • Alternating lighting and window coverings (to give that “lived in” look)
  • Taking and/or retrieving garbage and recycling bins on pick-up days (this can also give that “lived in” look)
  • Watering plants
  • Handling unexpected emergencies that home and pet owners would normally take care of


Contact me to schedule Pet Sitting visits.
PET TAXI (for established clients only)
  • One-way taxi services are $37
  • Round-trip taxi services are $75 with up to 2 hours of my supervision. If I am present for more than 2 hours an additional charge of $5 for every 15 minutes will be incurred.
  • Want to save some money? See the Discounts and Bartering page.
For established clients, I can provide transportation for trips to the veterinarian, groomer, or other cat health-related trips. You are welcome to ride along with us. I provide this service for clients who do not drive or who have difficulty scheduling their cat’s appointments around their own schedules. If pick-up or drop-off locations are outside of my Service Area, additional mileage fees might apply.
Note: I’m not comfortable leaving animals unattended during medical appointments. If allowed, I stay with them during the entire appointment and will provide you with detailed notes about the vet’s findings and recommendations.
Contact me to schedule Pet Taxi services.



I offer two types of gift certificates:

  • Certificates for a specific services. For example, you can give a certificate worth five 30-minute visits.
  • Certificates worth a certain dollar amount. For example, you can give a certificate worth $50 of services, letting the recipients choose the services they desire.

Contact me to let me know what Gift Certificates you’re interested in.

  • Free for established clients
  • Sliding scale for everyone else $35-$70 per hour

Helping families keep their companions happy and healthy is a big part of what I do. Ask me about any cat-related issue you want help with. I’m honest & upfront if I don’t think I can help. I don’t charge anything if I can answer in just a few minutues or if I refer you to someone else.

For additional details, visit my Consultations web page.