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Info For Clients

  • Questions I’ll ask during our Meet-n-Greet (first meeting)
  • Service Agreement (aka “contract”) – Feel free to ask for a copy of the contract in advance. Otherwise, I’ll bring a contract with me when we first meet. I ask people to read it carefully before signing it, so most folks just leave a signed copy on the counter for me to pick up when I begin visiting their pets.
  • Veterinary Release Form (PDF) – Clients should fill out this form or have a similar document filed with their veterinarian so that I’m authorized to check their companion into a clinic if there’s a medical emergency while they’re away.
  • How to avoid extra charges (Word DOC ) (PDF) – This document includes reminders about some situations that would cause extra charges to be added to an invoice.
  • Vacation to do list (Word DOC) (PDF)- Here is a list of things to do before leaving your pets for an extended period. It includes reminders about putting indoor lights on timers and also tips, such as providing your pets with items that smell like you that will comfort them during your absence.
  • Survey (Word DOC) (PDF) – View a copy of the survey given to clients after I have worked with their pets for the first time.
  • Feedback from existing clients – Peek at highlights from feedback I hear from clients in my surveys, thank-you notes, and email messages.
  • Photos of clients – Take a look at an online album of snapshots of some of my clients. (Note: only photos that I have permission to share publicly are included here. I respect everyone’s right to privacy. I will never share photos or other information unless you clearly state that it is okay for me to do so.) Below are a few of the highlights:

See more photos of clients