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5 Purrrfect Hacks Every Cat Owner Should Know

Thanks to BuzzFeed for sharing 2:28 minutes of video that will make you “officially more clever than your cat”. (LOL)

Using ordinary stuff you’ll find around your house, you can make useful and fun cat-related things. I think my favorite is the t-shirt tent. What’s yours?


The Eggs And I (Home-Made Cat Toys)

Jane Ear playing with a soccer ball Easter egg

This is the time of year that many grocery & department stores have one of my favorite, inexpensive cat toys: plastic Easter eggs in a variety of colors, sizes, & textures.

The eggs that I always stock up on are the ones that . . . → Read More: The Eggs And I (Home-Made Cat Toys)


You Just Might Get What You Play For (Home-Made Cat Toys)

You’ve probably discovered how much fun a cat can have with a paper bag to hide in (or for you to hide toys in). Lots of additional items that most of us have around the house make excellent cat toys.

Cats are pretty good about entertaining themselves and making toys out of objects that we . . . → Read More: You Just Might Get What You Play For (Home-Made Cat Toys)