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Former Feline Friends

PLEASE NOTE: I can no longer, in good conscience, continue supporting Feline Friends.*

What does this mean for my clients?

I no longer pick up your donations & deliver them to Feline Friends on your behalf. In the past, if you donated items that none of my other clients needed, I’d deliver the items to . . . → Read More: Former Feline Friends


My Services During The Pandemic

(Updated 16 March 2022)

Yes, I’m pet sitting during the pandemic. Established clients (families I already know) are welcome to contact me when they need me.

Please note: I’m not taking new clients because I’m not doing face-to-face interactions unless it’s a life-or-death emergency. This will be re-evaluated when Thurston County infection rates are near . . . → Read More: My Services During The Pandemic


Introducing: Tootie

On April 8 2018, Rumi was jazzed to meet his new sibling, Tootie! Sorry that I waited so long to introduce this baby to you. I wanted to wait until this little one had a name and finding the right name was a big challenge this time. (More on that below.)

Tootie the Goofball!

. . . → Read More: Introducing: Tootie


Lucky To The Very End (Hospice Cat Update)

Last week, Lucky Lester‘s life ended. For the first few months with us, he kept improving. Initially able to use his hind legs only a tiny bit and eventually so strong that he even climbed stairs to sleep on a bed surrounded by windows or on a different bed to sleep with me at night. . . . → Read More: Lucky To The Very End (Hospice Cat Update)


The Luckiest Girl On the Lower West Side (New Hospice Cat)

(I hope that you’ll listen to “Luckiest guy on the lower east side” by The Magnetic Fields as you read this update. It’s Lucky Lester’s theme song.)

Day 8 as a Kells Kat

My newest hospice cat, Lucky Lester, makes ME feel like I’m the luckiest cat mama to have this 21 (yes, TWENTY . . . → Read More: The Luckiest Girl On the Lower West Side (New Hospice Cat)