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Getting Ready For The Red, Fright, and Blue

I’m starting to prepare my cats for the fireworks that are already starting up in my neighborhood. I’ve already created new “safe places” for them to hide, plugged in pheromone diffusers, and added a flower essence called Peaceful 4th that is made by a very gifted local gal, Lin Gregerson. I’ve found Lin’s blend to . . . → Read More: Getting Ready For The Red, Fright, and Blue


Reducing Hairballs Is Not A Big Fat Hairy Deal

I love cat fur when I get to pet a soft furry coat. I hate cat fur it when I step on a squishy hairball. Ew!

Frequent hairballs are not normal for cats. If you know a cat who has more than one a month, try some of these tips to reduce or eliminate hairballs.

. . . → Read More: Reducing Hairballs Is Not A Big Fat Hairy Deal


Red, Fright, and Blue

It’s that time a year again – we see a lot of red, white, and blue and we see tons of scared dogs and cats. My neighborhood is already experiencing loud noises and little bright explosions that terrify local dogs and cats.

This is also the time of year when animal shelters get the most . . . → Read More: Red, Fright, and Blue


Small Animal Massage Workshop

I attended another really cool, hands-on workshop at my vet (Hawks Prairie Veterinary Hospital) taught by Marnie Black on Tellington Touch (TTouch) and massage. Marnie is licensed in Small Animal Massage and specializes in working with animals who have special needs.


Other participants brought their animals, but since I went to the workshop . . . → Read More: Small Animal Massage Workshop