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Peaceful Transitions (In-Home Euthanasia)

A cat who was dear to me died this week. It’s always very hard for me to hear news like this.

Jane Ear's death in 2006 broke my heart

There was a stretch of 4 years in which 3 of my own cats died, and during that time I had a lot of ideas of how to make their last days more comfortable. I plan on writing about that soon. For now, though I just wanted to pass along my biggest tip on making their deaths as easy as possible when you know you’re near the end…

If at all possible, have the vet euthanize them at home in their favorite bed surrounded by their family instead of taking them to the vet to be put to sleep. By avoiding that last trip to the vet, it makes their last hour or so much more comfortable.

Many vets, including my own vet, make house calls for euthanasia.

If your vet doesn’t provide this service, contact Peaceful Transitions to talk about the option of having a house call for the final vet visit. It’s only a tiny bit more expensive than my own vet’s fees but if my vet didn’t provide this service I wouldn’t hesitate to ask Dr. Burggren and his assistant/wife Amoreena come visit. Everyone who works with them raves about how caring, loving, sensitive, and gentle they are. I’ve met the Dr a couple times and he is one of those rare doctors who truly loves his patients, even those he meets only once.

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