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Royal Farewell (Emma’s Departure)

Last week, my family suffered a huge loss. Emma – my youngest (8 yr old) and we thought healthiest cat – was hit by a sudden illness and she did not survive.

I’m still in shock because although The Velveteen Princess was blind, FIV+, and had occasional seizures, this was the only illness that caused . . . → Read More: Royal Farewell (Emma’s Departure)


Life’s An Itch (Part 6)

Well (sigh) I’ve put aside this update long enough. I kept waiting thinking I’d have better news for you… But… Alas… Our itchy problem continues to plague us.

Post-dip cuddles

Since we saw Dr. Mundrell (the awesome veterinary dermatologist), we have gone through 10 weekly lime sulfur dips. (I’m learning a lot of tactics to . . . → Read More: Life’s An Itch (Part 6)


Life’s An Itch (Part 5)

The trip to the veterinary dermatologist to get more help with our itchy problem was AWESOME! The Dr. Mundrell is friendly, warm, respectful, loving, diligent, etc! He was very understanding of Andy’s mistrust of men.

I’m glad we went, even tho it was a long wait, long drive, big bill (although not as big as . . . → Read More: Life’s An Itch (Part 5)


Life’s An Itch (Part 4)

Well… I guess it’s about time for another update on our itchy skin problem.

The skin problem continues, but it’s a little different now than before.

Emma seems completely over whatever was ailing her.

Rumi and Andy are still itchy, but still not as frenetic about attacking the itches. They both are licking themselves more . . . → Read More: Life’s An Itch (Part 4)


Life’s An Itch (Part 3)

Well, in this third post about our miserable skin problem, I’m thrilled to finally report some progress on the itch front. I’m kinda stunned by it, too.

Less than 24 hours after giving Rumi his first colloidal silver sponge bath HIS FUR STARTED GROWING BACK!! I’ll start doing this with the other cats very soon.

. . . → Read More: Life’s An Itch (Part 3)