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Off-Leash Dog Park in Lacey Now OPEN!

Lacey has a new off-leash dog park, located at the Waste and Recovery Center (2418 Hogum Bay Road NE).

Cassie & Annie

Dogs can use 5 acres for socializing, digging, and just running around. There’s a special area for shy & small dogs, so they won’t get toppled over by more assertive, social dogs. Water stations (for both dogs and people) and a sand & gravel area (for digging) make this much more amenable than many alternatives.

The park includes a patio with “tribute” bricks where people who have purchased bricks can see their bricks on display. Proceeds of the brick purchases (still available from Thurston County Animal Services, 352-2510) benefit this dog park and future off-leash areas planned for Thurston county.

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Murphy & Sonny


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