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It’s All Just a Myth-Understanding

I just read an article called “Common Myths About Pet Food and Nutrition” on the site of my favorite online pet supply store, Only Natural Pet.

The myths it covers are:

  1. The best foods are those the veterinarian sells.
  2. Dry food cleans a dog’s or cat’s teeth.
  3. Pets do better eating food designed for their life stage (e.g., puppy/kitten, and senior formulas)
  4. Table scraps and other “people food” are bad for dogs and cats.
  5. Only complete and balanced meals should be fed to cats and dogs.
  6. Feeding raw food is dangerous due to the risk of Salmonella and E. Coli.
  7. Dogs and cats should not eat grains.
  8. Ash content is an important guideline in choosing a cat food.
  9. Changing formulas or brands of pet foods is hard on a dog or cat’s digestion.
  10. It is fine for dogs and cats to eat each other’s food.

Hmmmm, I really ought to get a conversation going about favorite online pet food/supply stores. Chime in if you wanna start the conversation now.


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