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Kari’s Emergency Plan B

On Cinco de Mayo, my car got slammed on the drivers side by a truck. Luckily, although my car needs body work, no other bodies were injured. Not even the sweet dog riding without a seat belt in the truck that hit me. So why am I blogging about this on my pet sitting website?

This seems like the perfect time to reassure my pet sitting clients that I have a Plan B in place in the (knock on wood) off-chance that I’m unable to continue the pet sitting reservations on my calendar.

I have my pet sitter (Beth Milton) to thank for her help in my plans. If anything should happen to me, Beth can take over in a heartbeat. My emergency contacts all have Beth’s contact info. And Beth knows my process of being able to tell what clients are on my calendar on a given day, which clients I’ve visited & which I have not, where I keep my lock box of client keys, and how to crack the codes written on client key rings.

And just to prove I’m truly a worrier when it comes to animals who rely on me, I’ll let ya in on a slightly embarrassing secret. A year (or more?) ago, one of my friends and I agreed to contact each other every day so if we don’t hear from each other, we know something is seriously wrong. Thanks for the idea & the growth of our friendship since we started our daily check-ins, JN!


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