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Upcoming Availability

Below is a current list of days when I’m NOT available.

If I’m unavailable on days when you need pet sitting, we have a lot of options for making sure your companions still receive care.

  • March: 28 (Weds)
  • April: 11-12 (Weds-Thurs), 18 (Weds), 25-26 (Weds-Thurs)
  • May: 2 (Weds), 8-10 (Tues-Thurs), 16-17 (Weds-Thurs), 30 (Weds)
  • June: 6 (Weds), 13-14 (Weds-Thurs), 20 (Weds)

The big picture: on most Weds I stay at home working on administrative tasks and housekeeping. I also try to schedule at least one day truly “off” each month. In winter 2017/2018 there are more days than usual when I’m not available, due to a flurry of intense things going on in my personal life.

Scheduling early means you’ll get bigger “thank you” discounts. Also, it enables me to plan my personal life activities around your trips so I won’t miss a visit with your companions.