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Kari’s Emergency Plan B

On Cinco de Mayo, my car got slammed on the drivers side by a truck. Luckily, although my car needs body work, no other bodies were injured. Not even the sweet dog riding without a seat belt in the truck that hit me. So why am I blogging about this on my pet sitting website?

This seems like the perfect time to reassure my pet sitting clients that I have a Plan B in place in the (knock on wood) off-chance that I’m unable to continue the pet sitting reservations on my calendar.

The sitter who fills in for me when I’m unavailable, Suze Moon, is listed as my primary emergency contact on a medic ID tag that I always wear when pet sitting. In an emergency, Suze would be contacted first. Suze and my pet sitter (Beth Milton) would immediately take over caring for everybody on my calendar and would contact everyone to tell them what has happened. That way, if clients want someone else to take over for me, they can let Suze and Beth know. And if necessary, they would also contact all of my clients to ensure that the clients have their keys returned to them or… Whatever details would need to be settled.

And just to prove I’m truly a worrier when it comes to animals who rely on me, I’ll let ya in on a slightly embarrassing secret. A year (or more?) ago, one of my friends and I agreed to contact each other every day so if we don’t hear from each other, we know something is seriously wrong. Thanks for the idea & the growth of our friendship since we started our daily check-ins, JN!


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