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Mat On The Cat

A couple of people have asked me if I know any tips for helping dogs and cats whose fur gets clumpy mats in it. Oh boy, do I ever.

When Andy first moved in, he used to get awful, tangled mats of fur. I’m sure they were painful because when petting him, if my hands . . . → Read More: Mat On The Cat


Use Your Search Power For Good

At the bottom of each of my pages, you’ll see a little icon for GoodSearch.

GoodSearch is not the best search engine and isn’t my favorite in terms of search capabilities. But it is the first search engine I use for any internet search. If I can’t find it using GoodSearch, I then . . . → Read More: Use Your Search Power For Good


This Tugs For You

A couple years ago I discovered a line of dog toys that were the most durable I’d ever seen and I’ve continued to be amazed at how well they last.

climbing rope

Kilo Hitch Tugs are made out of climbing rope – you know, the rope that mountain climbers and rock climbers rely on . . . → Read More: This Tugs For You


Just A Litter Off The Top (Comparing healthy litters)

The question clients ask me more than any other – by far – is what litter I use at home.

It makes sense that people would ask about this because they know I’ve cleaned a LOT of litter boxes. I’ve used just about every type of litter on the market, thanks to a wide spectrum . . . → Read More: Just A Litter Off The Top (Comparing healthy litters)


Pee, Love, And Understanding

Inappropriate elimination can be one of the most frustrating problems for a cat owner to encounter. Solving it may take tenacity, a variety of approaches and above all, compassion for the cat. This article introduces some useful solutions to dealing with inappropriate urination in cats.

I’d love to hear and share what works for you . . . → Read More: Pee, Love, And Understanding