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Use Your Search Power For Good

At the bottom of each of my pages, you’ll see a little icon for GoodSearch.

GoodSearch is not the best search engine and isn’t my favorite in terms of search capabilities. But it is the first search engine I use for any internet search. If I can’t find it using GoodSearch, I then do my search on Google.

I’m a big fan of GoodSearch because for every search I do, Feline Friends earns a bit of money.

Here’s how it works… GoodSearch sells advertising, just like Yahoo and Google and most other search engines. Unlike other search engines, it donates half of its sponsored search revenue to the charities and schools designated by its users.

A few years ago GoodSearch expanded to include GoodShop, an online shopping “mall” of retailers that donate to my chosen charity for each purchase I make through the GoodShop mall. Some retailers donate only a small amount (2%), but some donate up to 20% of the amount of my sale to my charity. So when I want to buy something from Amazon.com I go to their site through GoodShop instead of going directly to their site. By going through that one little hurdle, FelineFriends gets a bigger donation from GoodShop.


(Note: I do not accept payment for mentions or reviews of products and services that I write about on this site.)


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