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This Tugs For You

A couple years ago I discovered a line of dog toys that were the most durable I’d ever seen and I’ve continued to be amazed at how well they last.

climbing rope

Kilo Hitch Tugs are made out of climbing rope – you know, the rope that mountain climbers and rock climbers rely on to save their lives? The rope that supports the weight of adult humans – scraping against hard rock, hour after hour, as people rappel? Yeah, THAT kind of rope.

Kilo puts knots in the rope – different kinds of knots and different size – so dogs’ teeth have something to latch onto while the rest of the rope dangles out of their mouths, tempting humans to grab ahold and start tugging.

I have yet to see a dog destroy one of these toys. Even the most aggressive chewer I’ve ever met hasn’t made a dent in hers.

I’ve also met two cats who like to play with the rope end as if it were a worm. For them, I could’ve just bought little pieces of climbing rope from a store like Olympic Outfitters or REI.

My local source for Kilo Tugs (Mud Bay) no longer carries ‘em, so I get them online or from Next-to-Nature in Tacoma.

Or… Make your OWN using climbing rope (from a store like Olympic Outfitters or REI). This works best if you or a pal knows how to tie different types of knots, of course.


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