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Life’s An Itch (Part 4)

Well… I guess it’s about time for another update on our itchy skin problem.

The skin problem continues, but it’s a little different now than before.

Emma seems completely over whatever was ailing her.

Rumi and Andy are still itchy, but still not as frenetic about attacking the itches. They both are licking themselves more than usual, so they’ve still had more hairballs, but no real hair loss since we started on the colloidal silver and flower essences. I’m SO glad we met Lin! (To reduce hairballs, I’ve added more fiber to their diet by mixing in a little organic pumpkin.) Most people wouldn’t notice anything strange about Andy’s behavior, as he isn’t constantly licking himself. But Rumi is still obviously uncomfortable.

Rumi’s main symptom, other than licking and scratching, is that he now has lots of little scabs all over his body. And I mean *lots*. I would guess that 30-40% of the surface of his skin is scabby. This is how the entire skin ordeal began. I wonder if that means that we’ve sorta peeled back layers of other issues that were compounded on the original issue? If so, it’s good that we’ve done everything we have.

Things were going so well at the time of my last post about this, that I canceled the appointment with the vet dermatologist in Edmonds. I ended up rescheduling, so nearly 2 months after scheduling the appointment we will finally get to visit this doctor. I’ll take both Rumi and Andy, which should be interesting. The appointment is in the morning so I’ll be driving from Olympia to Edmonds – through Seattle – during rush hour. Ugh. I bought pricy new cat carriers that should be escape-proof so I won’t have two cats climbing around the car during our commute. I’m sure I’ll have two cats wailing, but at least they’ll be safely confined.

I’ll continue to post updates as we move into the next phase of healing. Oooohhhhh, I sure hope this vet can help us!

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