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Royal Farewell (Emma’s Departure)

Last week, my family suffered a huge loss. Emma – my youngest (8 yr old) and we thought healthiest cat – was hit by a sudden illness and she did not survive.Emma

I’m still in shock because although The Velveteen Princess was blind, FIV+, and had occasional seizures, this was the only illness that caused her to visit the vet for any reason other than a routine check-up.

The doctors believe Emma had a nasty kidney infection that her body couldn’t fight off, even with early intervention. She was a social, gregarious, and flirtatious kitty who always liked collecting new fans. True to form, Her Highness charmed all the new people she met at her primary care vet clinic, Oly Pet Emergency, and Summit Vet Center in Tacoma. Most cats are freaked out when admitted to the hospital, but The Royal Flirt welcomed the extra attention from new admirers. I suspect that Emma thought she was being treated to a special spa. And she probably wanted a higher staff-to-guest ratio.

While in the hospital Her Majesty had a stroke and didn’t recover. She remained responsive to touch and compliments, but her responses were subtle. Her final 2 hours were spent with me in a comfortable visiting room at Summit. Emma’s second favorite human, Steve, was also with us. The Princess fell in love with Steve from the first moment she met him. She climbed right into his lap and started grooming him. So it was fitting for him to be with her at the end, cradling and cuddling his special girl. And showering her with compliments.

Emma at rescueThe little kitten Emma was brought to Feline Friends after being hit by a car and I’m forever grateful that Jo and Jennifer saved Emma’s life and nursed Her Highness back to health. They say that they knew Emma belonged with me and they were SO RIGHT! From day one, my princess was excited to make new friends. She performed her duties flawlessly, welcoming each new foster cat as a cuddle buddy and playmate.

For years, my cats have been euthanized at home and I was worried about Emma having this experience in a clinical setting. But I didn’t want to risk the painkillers wearing off if I brought her home in order for Peaceful Transitions to help us say goodbye at home. Thankfully, the visiting room at Summit didn’t feel clinical. It was comfortable and peaceful. It also happened quickly because Emma’s body was so weak.

There is a palpable void in the house without our Velveteen Princess. It no longer feels like a castle. It’s just a plain ol’ house.


2 comments to Royal Farewell (Emma’s Departure)

  • Jane Mohr

    Dearest Kari and Steve,
    I have tears in my eyes, as I just read about Dear Princess Emma, going to her next home- in Heaven.
    She sounds like a huge bundle of Love- which will not end !
    We know Love never dies- and Emma is with you- …just around the corner.
    My sincerest wishes for tenderness to return to Emma’s wishes: your Castle is in place again!
    Jane Mohr

  • Bridget

    So sorry, Kari :( Our thoughts are with you.

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