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Nuageux’s Peaceful Transition (Hospice Cat Update)

I recently said my final goodbye to Nuageux (JoJo), my first hospice foster kitty. The loving and gentle Dr Blair Burggren of Peaceful Transitions helped ease JoJo into his final sleep on May 26th. It was only then that I was able to kiss JoJo’s cheeks and toes. (He allowed only kisses on his head and only under certain conditions during the previous months.)

JoJo was with me for 6 months and was shy and cautious the whole time. With thanks to Lin Gregerson’s flower essences and EFT, we helped ease his anxiety a bit. With help from the wonderful Dr. Kim Martin, he received top-notch care at the hands of someone who skillfully kept his stress levels low (by performing exams with him under covers and with very little handling) and helped us figure out the best way forward as JoJo has inched toward the inevitable.

He enjoyed having cozy, heated beds for his long naps over the final winter in his achy body. He showed appreciation for getting food in flavors and the consistency that he prefers so that every one of his meals has been his favorite. Sure, meal-prep took longer because I ran each meal through the blender with the perfect amount of added water to get his favorite food consistency. But that’s no less than our man deserved!

Although JoJo wanted only minimal interaction with me, I love him immensely and will miss seeing him give me his contented kitty winky-blinks. Rest in peace, my darling man.

nuageux-day1-day7nuageux-month3 nuageux-month4-month5


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