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Arya And Meera Need A Forever Home

Hi. Our names are Arya and Meera and we’re looking for our forever home. Do you know a family who would like to adopt 2 playful, affectionate, social, and gregarious sister kitties?

Someone abandoned us on the Chehalis-Western Trail when we were tiny kittens. Fortunately someone rescued us and took us to a foster home. We’ve been living in this bedroom for almost a year and we’re eager to find our forever family where we will be able to cuddle and play freely throughout our new home.

We’re still young ladies (less than a year old) and we LOVE to play. We have lots of energy but have outgrown that crazy kitten frenetic energy. We can entertain ourselves but we enjoy playing with humans, too. “Shy” is  not a word we understand. We’re brave, adventurous, and don’t get rattled when being exposed to new people or things. Everyone we meet – including children – is a new friend and playmate. We are excellent bed warmers and are always happy to create a pile of furry, purring cuddles with someone who lays down on a bed or couch.

Our new home needs to be tidy (no stacks of unwashed dishes, open food packages), free of plants, and keep us indoors because we’re curious and we eat lots of things we aren’t supposed to eat.

It’s best for us to be the only two cats in the house, because we’re a little territorial and jealous of other cats.

If you want to meet us, please text or call our foster mama, Beth, at 360-350-9225 so she can schedule a time to introduce us to see if we’re a good match.


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