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Welcome To The Plan Club (Why I Confirm Reservations)

After we meet, one of the first signs you’ll see of my worrier tendencies is that I always confirm details at least a few days in advance of your trip.


I created this safety net because I might be in an accident and my Plan B person fails to reach you, I worry that someone might cancel a trip and forget to tell me (during family emergencies, contacting the pet sitter is a minor detail that can fall through the cracks), I put the wrong dates in my calendar, etc.

In my confirmation, I include the amount due for that reservation. As The Worrier Princess I also show my math because although I use QuickBooks, I have to re-type the details (I can’t copy and paste from QuickBooks) and I worry that I might transpose numbers.

This is a great time to let me know if there have been any changes to medications, feeding routines, or other important companion care info.


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