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Toys For The 12th Cat (Seahawksish Cat Toys)

feather-wand-sparkler-teaserTis the season, football fans! I’m a fan of (American) football in general, but my favorite teams are the Packers and Seahawks*. And you know that I’m a cat lady. So I was thrilled today to see a handful of cat toys in Seahawks colors at Fluffy and Floyd’s! Every now and then I also find mylar balls and plush sparkly balls in many NFL (and college) team colors.

I’ve already got some set aside for cats I’ll visit who live in football-loving families.

Go Hawks!

* (Aside to other football fans) Now that Hmylar-balls-team-colorsolmgren is working with the Browns, could it be that in the next few years I’ll actually enjoy watching Browns games? Never in a million years would I have guessed that I’d type that sentence. But with Holmgren at the helm, I think it’s a possibility. Perhaps a little like a Twilight Zone episode, but actually possible.



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