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To Liver And Let Live in WA (Kidney Dialysis Services In WA)

We are fortunate to be fairly close to the only clinic in Washington State that does liver dialysis (hemodialysis) in companion animals: ACCES critical care has facilities in Renton and Seattle.

If you know of an animal who might benefit from dialysis – those with acute uremia (common to animals with kidney problems), toxin exposure, or end-stage renal failure – talk to their veterinarian about getting a referral to ACCES critical care. (ACCES requires patients to be referred by their veterinarians.)

Liver dialysis for many animals is not as expensive as some might think. Fees range from $2,000-$15,000 depending on the extent or type of liver damage. Bills for emergency care from their usual vet or a veterinary emergency clinic frequently cost that much or more. Plus, ACCES accepts veterinary insurance companies, so dialysis might be covered if you have health insurance for your pet.

I learned about ACCES’ hemodialysis services from Alison Fisher, another local pet sitter, whose friend took her cat to ACCES for dialysis. These folks are thrilled to report that their cat is now in recovery and they are grateful for the wonderful care provided by the doctor performing dialysis. HOORAY for happy endings!!


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  • Silver

    Thank you so much for this article, not only did it give me the information I needed but hope. My one year old puppy (well dog) has end stage kidney failure and her vets have been very discouraging about her outcome even though they themselves are surprised by her energy and attitude. Thank you again!

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