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Boxing Day In Olympia (Fighting Feline Boredom)

I love finding ways to fight boredom for animals whose usual staff are away so they’ll look forward to visits from their Auntie Kari.

One way that I spice things up is to make the house feel completely cat- or dog-oriented while there is little human traffic. The longer a family is away, the more important it is to me to fill rooms and hallways with toys, interesting boxes, tissue paper. By the reactions I get, I can see that my furry friends agree and want me to continue. (I wait until cautious or shy animals are used to me before I change their environment. I don’t want to increase anxiety for anyone, of course!)

Although he’s the most famous member of The Box fan club, Maru isn’t its only member. Boxes seem to be the biggest hit with most of my cat friends. I always keep an eye out for “good” boxes that have interesting holes that can serve as doorways or windows through which kitties can stalk their toys. Sometimes my car is filled with “good” boxes.

Most cats love sitting inside boxes, which is why so many cat people call boxes “cat traps”. My friend Fuji (RIP, sweetie) loved hopping into boxes that were lined with tissue paper and catnip. Many cats prefer to be offered boxes that are upside down, creating a cat cave. No matter how boxes are situated, the real fun is feeling like a wiggling toy can’t see them as they stalk and plan their attack.

Below are a handful of recent photos of my friends playing in and around “good” boxes.


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