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Santa’s Litter Helper: Litter Lifter Scooper (product review)

I admit it might sound strange to give a litter scoop as a gift… But hear me out.

I just bought something that would make a fabulous gift for cat lovers: the Litter Lifter scooper (www.litter-lifter.com). People on litter box duty will appreciate its features but they might not splurge on it – at around $6.50 it’s a couple dollars more than ordinary litter scoops.The Litter Lifter is one of those cat care tools that doesn’t look like it’s going to be much different from other tools of the same type, but it is vastly different. (The Litter Lifter is to other scoops what the FURminator is to other brushes.) And as strange as it might sound, I plan on giving a few this holiday season.

I recently bought my own Litter Lifters after trying it at a pet sitting client’s house where I was very impressed. It works so effortlessly that I make fewer passes through the box, thus speeding up my daily scooping! I think people with arthritis, wrist, or hand pain would welcome it because your wrist and hand moves less during doody duty. No wonder it won the 2005 Cat Fancy Editor’s Choice award!

The Litter Lifter feature that impresses me the most is that the tines (the thin strips of bars in the scooper body) are triangular-shaped. From the side, they look like an upside down V. This makes clean litter slide down the sloping sides of these bars without ever being lifted up into the scoop, so I don’t have to shake the full scooper to sift and separate the clean litter from the waste. Bonus: Fewer passes and no shaking of the scoop means less dust gets kicked up into the air. (Sweeeeet.)

Another excellent design detail is that the its tines all go one way, instead of having intersecting bars. This greatly reduces the clumping and clogging that I’ve experienced with all other scoops. (After using the Litter Lifter for 2 weeks, I still have no litter clumped to the scoop.)

The basket part of the Litter Lifter is very shallow – almost flat – compared to most other scoopers. The company says that other scoops need deep baskets “to accommodate all the clean litter that they pick up”. But since the Litter Lifter doesn’t pick up clean litter, it doesn’t need a deep basket. The Litter Lifter basket is also longer than most scoops, so it can reach through deep piles of litter to rake the bottom of the litter box.

Another interesting element is that the tip of the Litter Lifter scoop is shaped in a way that makes it scrape the bottom of the litter box, so less litter clumps to the bottom of the box.

If you’re going to give one as a gift to a compulsively color coordinated person, it comes in a dozen colors. (Gray is nice because it doesn’t look as dirty when it’s dirty.)

Please note that this scoop would not work with non-clumping litters, including wood pellet litters. I’m not sure how remarkable it is with silica gel (“crystal”) litters. If you try it with one of those litters, I’d love to hear about your experience.

For more info about the Litter Lifter and to see additional videos of it in action, visit www.litter-lifter.com.

(Note: I do not accept payment for mentions or reviews of products and services that I write about on this site.)


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