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Fastest Gums In The West (Treats For Toothless Dogs And Cats)

I’ve cared for quite a few animals who have no (or few) teeth. Through trial and error, I’ve found a handful of treats that work well for dogs and cats who gum their way through life.

Bonito flakes are the most popular among my toothless cat pals. In pet supply stores, the brand I see most often are from a company that I trust, are Cat-Man-Doo’s Dried Bonito Flakes. They’re thin strips of fish that are the texture and thickness of tissue paper. Animals find these easy to pick up using just their tongue & gums. I go through so many of these that I buy the same product for less money from grocery stores. (Look in the Asian food aisle. The brand I’ve found at the Olympia Food Co-op are made by Eden foods.)

Freeze-dried chicken, salmon, and beef treats are available in every pet supply store these days. Some stores have these only in the dog treat section, so if you don’t find them on the shelves of cat treats, be sure to look in the dog section or ask staff where they are. For pets who can’t chew them, they’re easy to crumble into smaller pieces or even into soft powder. My favorite freeze dried treats are made by Halo.

Pill pockets were designed to hide pills inside, but they’re so soft that they’re easy for toothless cats and dogs to eat. For cats and small dogs, I break the pill pockets into smaller pieces that are easier to swallow. Pill pockets are made in several flavors now, so your toothless cats and dogs can have variety. These are made by Greenies who are best known for the oral health treats.

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