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Practice Safe Medicating: Use Finger Cots

Another one of the supplies that’s always in my pet sitting bag is a container of finger cots. I use them all the time at home for one reason: one of my cats gets daily medications in the form of a cream that I rub into his ears.

Of course if a medicine can have an effect on an animal by being applied to their skin, it can also be absorbed into my own skin. And I don’t really want to dose myself with the variety of medications that I give to my own cats as well as those of my pet sitting clients.

If you haven’t seen finger cots before, they look kinda like someone cut fingers off of latex gloves. Some people call them finger condoms, which is also what they look like.

Most drug stores carry little boxes of 12 cots in assorted sizes for between $4-6. (That’s between $.33-.50 each.) Since I use so many, I searched high and low for a way to get them in a bigger package. After calling every pharmacy in town, I found some!

I can get a package of 144, whatever one size I need, for just $2.19 at Martin’s Southgate Drug. (A huge savings at $.01 each!) This is the pharmacy in Tumwater across the highway from Fred Meyer. It’s in a small strip-mall that includes Fluffy & Floyds healthy pet store, Jack in the Box, Taco Bell, Ace Hardware, a laundry mat and many other stores. It’s a fun store to browse because they have lots of interesting gift items and a very large greeting card section.


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