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I Have A Litter Secret To Share (Cleaning Tips For Wood Pellet Cat Litter)

I love most of the non-clay litters on the market these days. So many people who think that cat litter boxes are stinky base that on the smell of the perfumed, clay litter. My favorites are S’wheat Scoop (wheat) and World’s Best (corn). They clump really well and I think both of them smell like freshly baked cookies. (Note: I do not accept payment for mentions or reviews of products and services that I write about on this site.)

Several of my clients use wood pellet litters. This is the least expensive kitty litter option. It’s even cheaper than the icky clay litter if you buy it in bulk from suppliers of wood stove pellets.

Wood pellet litters (often made of pine) are my least favorite to clean because it takes so much time to scoop out the waste. Plus, until I learned the “panning for gold” technique, it annoyed me to throw away so many pellets that were still usable.

Thanks to a client who has a house full of cats and who volunteers with Feline Friends, I’ve learned this technique for quickly separating the wood dust of  used litter from the pellets that can be left in the box. This technique also works really well with “Lift n Sift” style litter boxes.

Below is a 54 second video showing how I do this.

If you have other tips for cleaning boxes of wood pellet litter, please share it with us in the comments area of this post.


4 comments to I Have A Litter Secret To Share (Cleaning Tips For Wood Pellet Cat Litter)

  • Michelle Luck

    PLEASE, please, please, please…tell me what brand litter scoop you use in the video! It looks like the perfect scoop for pine pellet litter and I’ve spent a small fortune on a variety of scoops that ultimately do not work to save the whole pellets! Thank you.

  • Great question, Michelle! First, I think the best scoop for this “panning for gold” method is the DuraScoop made by Duranimals. ( Expensive but well worth it if you use wood pellet litter. It really is the PERFECT scoop for this. (I don’t like it as much when used with other types of litter.) Plus they’re sturdy and last forever, so that will be the last $12 (or whatever) that you spend on a litter scoop.

    The large plastic one used in the video is also great, but there is no brand name on it. (Argh!) If I could remember which local store carried it I could ask them the brand. But my memory fails me.

  • Laura

    Thank you SO MUCH for this!
    I’ve been thinking there must be a separate scoop just for these litters but you’re so creative I’ve just been doing it wrong. we’re going to save to much money – thank you!
    Laura (Archimedes and Juno)

    • You’re welcome, Laura. Also… Did you see other comments about the scoops that work best when using the “panning for gold” technique? The DuraScoop is the best and makes this go faster.

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