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Jif Looking for Furever Home

Jif is my current foster cat who’s in search of a new forever family. If you know of any patient and calm humans who are looking for an affectionate, playful friend for their existing cat(s) please contact me to set up a first date.

Here is Jif’s ad:

Hi. My name is Jif. Do you know someone who would like to cuddle & play with me?

Last summer I was rescued from a hoarding situation and I’ve been looking for a new family ever since.

I’m shy at first, but I’m very affectionate once I trust you. I love other cats and really need to join a family that already has at least one cat. I feel lonely when I don’t have a cat buddy to cuddle and play with. My foster home has 3 cats and we all play and nap together.

My favorite pastime is getting belly rubs and tummy kisses, so I hope my new family likes cat tummies. I’m really affectionate and I’m not at all clingy.

please rub my belly

I’m about 1.5 yr old. I need to live with patient people who will give me plenty of time to adjust to living in a new situation. I’ve never been aggressive; never bitten or scratched another cat or human. When I’m scared, I just cower quietly in a hiding place. Even when I’m hiding, I like to have people reach into my hiding place and rub my belly. That makes me purr and drool. It also lets me know when someone is my friend.

My foster family tells me that I’m very well behaved. Watching the other cats in my foster home helps me see what things I can play with and where I’m allowed to be. (I’ve been here for a couple months and I’m still amazed that I’m allowed to be anywhere I want to be & I’m allowed to play with almost everything!) As I explore new rooms or discover a new toy, I watch the people closely to see if they’re going to get mad at me. It makes me so happy when I realize a new toy is something for me to play with.

I’m very playful when I’m awake. As I get used to a new home, it will take me a while before I’m comfortable letting people see me play. For the first couple weeks at my foster home, I hid in a quiet space all day but I played at night. I’m not very picky about toys: I like to play with plush toys, balls, strings, feathers, and other cats. Some of my toys will come with me to my new home. I love to play chase with, wrestle with, and ambush other cats once I know they want to be friends.  (Scroll down to see a video of me playing and getting belly rubs.)

I like pulling toys out of boxes

The vet has given me a clean bill of health. I’m neutered, I test negative for feline leukemia & FIV,  and I’m current on all my vaccinations. My veterinary paperwork will come with me to my new family.

My foster family is working with Feline Friends, so there’s a small adoption fee of $65. This money helps Feline Friends pay for my veterinary exam, neuter surgery, feline leukemia/FIV test, vaccinations, & flea treatment. My foster family does not keep any of this money and is not paid by Feline Friends. They’re just cat lovers who are trying to help me find my new family.

Anybody who wants to meet me can contact my foster home at the phone number & email address at the top of this page.

(This video works better with this song by Franti: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ehu3wy4WkHs. I can’t use it with Jif’s video due to copyright restrictions. But you can open the Franti video in another browser window & listen to that song while also watching Jif’s video. That’ll give you a much better feel for Jif’s personality.)


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