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The Eggs And I (Home-Made Cat Toys)

Jane Ear playing with a soccer ball Easter egg

This is the time of year that many grocery & department stores have one of my favorite, inexpensive cat toys: plastic Easter eggs in a variety of colors, sizes, & textures.

The eggs that I always stock up on are the ones that are painted to look like sports balls: footballs, soccer balls, baseballs, and basketballs. It cracks me up to watch cats scramble (pun intended) to chase sports balls around the house. (My Jane Ear absolutely loved these plastic balls.)

This year, Dollar Tree stores have eggs painted & textured like footballs (like the one pictured on the left). Party City stores have a great selection of sizes & colors at the best prices thus far. You’ll get even better prices if you buy the egg toys after Easter when the stores mark down the cost of the Easter supplies.


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  • Karol Barkley

    I HAD to comment after I checked out your website! You amaze me! I wish we lived in your area, so we could have you sit for Millie. We are looking for someone to house-and-Millie-sit when we go to Hawaii in Aug-Sept., but we are so avidly in love with Millie that it has to be someone coming to our home so she has the least amount of trauma. We will be gone for almost three weeks, and it will be hard enough on her to have us gone that long (ALL of us–my husband, our Russian “son” and me). We have friends who will be coming to stay here after their honeymoon (!!) but we need someone before they get here. If you know of anyone who is as passionate and qualified as you are, let me know!

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