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Lucky To The Very End (Hospice Cat Update)

Last week, Lucky Lester‘s life ended. For the first few months with us, he kept improving. Initially able to use his hind legs only a tiny bit and eventually so strong that he even climbed stairs to sleep on a bed surrounded by windows or on a different bed to sleep with me at night. But then he took a downturn. It was gradual at first, then things seemed to snowball fast. As it happens with all of us, Lucky got to the point where we couldn’t keep him comfortable. As usual, we had the tender, loving Dr Blair Burggren of Peaceful Transitions come to the house to help Lucky fall into his final deep sleep.

20180308_105259About a week earlier, Lucky began sleeping in front of a heat vent in the dining room so I moved one of his heated beds there. After a few days I realized he had permanently moved in to that spot, so I also brought him his electric fireplace and cranked up the heat. He slept a lot and seemed pleased about having a window seat. Because I could tell it was nearing time to call Peaceful Transitions, Lucky got “room service” (photo left) and lots more treats. In his final week, one of his fans came to say her final goodbyes and brought him shrimp. Oh boy, did he love that!! A few days later when another friend came to say goodbye, he brought chicken baked just for Lucky! There was enough chicken for Lucky to snack on for a couple of days. And he liked it so much that I bought him more chicken so he could have as much as he wanted up until the end.

As Dr. Burggren and I talked about Lucky’s personality, Dr B. noticed a comment I made about Lucky ushering someone. I didn’t realize I used that word, but Dr. B did and he pointed out how fitting a word that was for Lucky. So true! Lucky was like a respectful and dignified head usher. Not the kind of usher who is a lowly servant but the kind of usher who everybody knows wields great power. In my family, he greeted guests at the door and ushered them in. He ushered me to the Cabinet O’ Treats or to the bedroom. Prior to getting to Feline Friends, I feel like he ushered his feline siblings through a very difficult time and ushered them from their late papa’s house to the Feline Friends shelter. Once there, although he came to my house while the rest of them were with Feline Friends, I suspect he kept tabs on his siblings. In fact, he took a downturn just after we heard that they had all gotten into their new forever homes. I like thinking that Lucky ushered them to those homes, then decided his work here was done.

20180307_162358As final goodbyes go, Lucky’s was smooth and easy. He got to stay in his new favorite seat by the sliding glass doors and fireplace and in his heated bed. In addition to my usual repeating of “I love you”, I kept telling him that he did a wonderful job and he could now retire. -sigh- I know that I am the luckiest one.



2 comments to Lucky To The Very End (Hospice Cat Update)

  • Lori Johnson

    I was one of the fortunate ones who cared for him at Feline Friends. He was such a gentleman and so very sweet and kind. I loved that guy. Thank you Keri for loving him his last chapter of his life. You are a true kitty angel.

    • Awwww. Thanks, Lori. Since you knew him when he first arrived and couldn’t even walk, you might be interested in the videos I took of him climbing the “stairs” to get to the catio in our old house (

      ) or laying on the bed in the new house after climbing those same steps to get onto an electric blanket on a bed surrounded by windows (

      ) . He came a LONG way since that first day at the Feline Friends Cat House!

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