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Caught On Camera: Dementia Patient Gets Robotic Cat

robotic-catI cried reading this article.  https://metro.co.uk/2020/01/16/moment-grandfather-dementia-whose-dying-wish-cat-given-robotic-feline-12070303/

Robert had dementia and lived in a care facility. He had rescued cats all his life and was accustomed to being surrounded by his feline family members. But his home didn’t allow cats. (Also, Robert had lost the abilities to take care of cats.) A family member heard about Joy For All Cats, robotic cats designed specifically for people with dementia. She bought Robert a kitty who lay in Robert’s arms until Robert died. My goodness. Of course I’d be depressed without a kitty companion, too. I can imagine how empty his life felt without having a cat with him and how overjoyed he must’ve felt when he was presented with his new kitty. Such a touching story!


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