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Nuageux’s New Mouth (Hospice Cat Update)

Nuaguex (aka Jojo) is doing better every day.


Emma fluttering around her new friend

Just before Christmas he had 16 (yes, SIXTEEN!) teeth pulled, mostly on the right side of his mouth. We knew that he had stomatitis and some teeth would need to be removed. During a routine dental exam they cleaned the teeth they could save and found that 16 were in such bad shape they were removed. He was also neutered while he was under anesthesia. I’ve had toothaches but I can’t imagine how much pain he was in with so many teeth rotting in his mouth! After surgery, he’s eating a lot more so that’s one indication that he’s feeling much better. Since moving in with me, he’s gained more than 2.5 pounds. I can still feel his ribs and spine, but there’s now a healthy layer of flesh under his skin. Hooray!

Our old fella is also showing more courage every day. He’s still uncomfortable seeing me approach him, so I have to cover him with a blanket in order to touch him. I’m subjecting him to daily cuddle sessions so he can learn that I have kind, loving hands. Jojo is more comfortable with me when my little Emma is his room with us. She’s also showing him that I’m a safe person by coming to me for kisses and petting. Emma is also fluttering around him, skipping over him, and grooming his face. And he allows this! They haven’t curled up together for a nap yet, but I have a feeling that’s in the cards. Emma will do anything for a hospice foster kitty!

nuageux-day1-day7Many thanks to Lin Gregerson for her flower essences and EFT. I’m certain that her support is crucial in Jojo’s adjustment to this pampered era of his life.


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