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Dumpster Dan Safe And Cozy (New Hospice Cat)

Dumpster Dan (aka Dandy Man, Little Dan, and Danny Boy) is the most recent Feline Friends foster cat to join my family. He might be here as one of my hospice foster kitties, but there’s a chance we can get him healthy enough that he can be adopted out into a forever home.

Dan was found in a dumpster (hence the name) and was quite frail. He has liver damage and diabetes in addition to the usual rescued cat ailments (fleas, worms, etc). We’re hoping that he can overcome both of those things given enough time in my serene home getting the ideal diet and having me closely monitoring his blood sugar levels. My veterinarian is brilliant with nutritional and alternative medicine, which I think will be crucial to Little Dan’s survival. He might be insulin dependent for the rest of his life, but if we can stabilize his blood sugar levels and regenerate his liver, he’ll be ready for a new forever home. If not… We know he’ll be comfortable and happy at my house.

He’s a charming young fellow and the only thing he asks of me is to be held. He loves being held like a baby, with his arms around my neck so he can squeeze (hug) me and smoosh his face against mine. Another favorite position is climbing into my lap and flopping onto his back so he’s held in another cradling position. When he’s not in my arms, The Dandy Man lays in a heated bed watching the birds use the bath outside his window and plays with any willing cats. Anything he encounters is a toy – he’s quintessential curious young cat. The normal, quite sounds at home are frequently interrupted by noises that I have to investigate. He’s gotten himself into several pickles just because he needed to explore.


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