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Linus Is Looking For Love – A Loving Family, That Is

My friend Linus is looking for a new family. Do you know of a quiet home that needs a kitty to sit on laps and chatter at the birds outside?

Linus needs a calm, quiet home without kids, dogs, or other cats. Trust is not something that comes quickly or easily or him, and he doesn’t like to be caught by surprise. He also sets clear boundaries, so it’s important for his new family to read his body language and give him space when he wants to be left alone. Linus will probably never be the pick-me-up-turn-me-over-and-hold-me-upside-down kinda cat. For that matter, he probably won’t be the give-me-a-pat-on-the-head-when-you-walk-past-me kinda cat, either. In these ways, his temperament is similar to cats who have been abused. But we know that Linus hasn’t been hurt by people because he’s lived with the same loving family since he was a small kitten. All his life, he’s been cautious and has had clear boundaries.

His idea of the purrrrfect home is one where he can go outside – even on a screened porch – where he can spend lots of time talking to the birds and watching butterflies and bugs. Of course, he’ll have to stay inside for the first few months after he has moved. But once he understands that he’s in a new home, he’d love to go outside.

Linus is neutered, perfectly healthy, and is current on all his shots. His medical records will come with him to his new family.

If you think Linus would fit into your family, please call Jean at 360-489-1434 to find out more about this handsome fella and to schedule a time to meet him.


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