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Fur Coats Keep Em Cool (Shaving Pets INCREASES Risk Of Overheating)

Trimming dogs’ and cats’ coats can help us deal with many issues, but shaving them removes the insulation they need to stay cool in summer and warm in winter.

insulationIt might sound strange to us because we wouldn’t want to wear coats on a hot summer day. But our companions’ coats are more like insulation in our homes than like coats on our bodies.

Brushing them more often while they’re naturally shedding some of their coat, is a great way to prevent problems caused by excessive heat. But it’s best to refrain from shaving them.

Keeping their full, multi-layered fur coats in-tact protects them from overheating and sunburn. Those with white fur and pink skin are more susceptible to getting sunburns and skin cancer. I’ve known quite a few animals who had their ears or noses removed in order to remove skin cancer. By keeping their fur coats in tact in the summer, we reduce their risk of both of those conditions.

Jane Ear with soccer ball

Jane Ear had an ear removed to slow the spread of skin cancer

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