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Suki Needs A Forever Home

Hi. My name is Suki. Do you know a family who would like to cuddle and play with me and adopt me as their own kitty?

Right now I’m camping outside in the St. Peter Hospital neighborhood of Olympia, WA. I used to have a family, but they moved away and left me behind to fend for myself. Several people living in the neighborhood noticed that I was on my own so they have been feeding me, making sure I have water, giving me lovin, and set up a shelter for me to get out of the wind and rain. These friends want to help me find a forever home before winter comes.

These families really love me, but they can’t adopt me. One of my caregivers lets me come inside for a few hours sometimes and I really like that. It feels good to be warm, dry, and completely safe from predators and cats who want to fight. But one of the people at that house is allergic to cats, so I can only stay inside for very short visits. At another house, there are two cats who get upset when I visit. But I’m not assertive – being around bold cats makes me nervous, so I’m not very comfortable there.

I’m a little shy when I first meet people, but I’m very affectionate once I trust you. I love all kinds of physical affection, including being held and kissed. I could win the Miss Cuddle Bug Olympia contest. One of my special gifts is that I’m an excellent lap warmer! My friends say that I would probably be a great bed warmer, too. Being brushed is one of my favorite indulgences. My friends say they will make sure that my brush comes with me so I know I’ll get brushing from my new family. I will also bring a few other supplies with me.

I’m a young lady, about 2 years old. I have enough energy to play but I’ve outgrown the frenetic kitten energy that really young kittens have. I have a loud purr and I purr a lot so you can always tell when I’m happy.

My friends have never seen me be aggressive with other cats or humans. I always stay away from cats who want to fight so I need a family that has no other cats or has only passive, gentle cats. If I’m overstimulated by petting, I let you know with my body language. But I never attack.

My friends are asking for a small adoption fee of $25.


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