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Premeditated Fun (Great Doggie Daycare & Boarding in Oly)

I’m often asked if I know of reputable, loving, local doggie daycare and boarding facilities so I reckon it’s time for me to pull a list together and share it here.

My highest recommendations are always two local sitters who provide not-your-typical-boarding-situation services:

  • Anna

    Anna Mumaw of Fuzzy Faces Pet Care (www.fuzzyfacespetcare.com) focuses on doggie daycare at her 3-acre fenced property on the Westside. Anna’s is nothing at all like your typical boarding kennel. She boards dogs in her home and keeps the canine population small so dogs won’t be overwhelmed by seeing dozens of dogs on any given day and each dog gets plenty of one-on-one time. Hers is a home away from home for her canine pals, living as if it were their home: hanging on the couch for naps, lounging on a big dog bed on the floor, chasing balls and fetching sticks on the lawn, or exploring the woods out back. Oly is lucky to have Anna here, providing superior service and always wearing an enormous smile on her face.

  • Bridget

    Bridget Korman of Westside Pet S.O.S. (www.westolypet.com) primarily works with weekday dog-walking clients on the Westside. If your trip away coincides with a time when Bridget can visit them, it would mean that your dogs can stay at home in their normal environment and have Bridget come visit to take them on walks and (if appropriate) provide other canine playmates for them. She provides a wonderful service that is well-suited to dogs who are nervous or are easily overwhelmed by being away from home. I greatly admire and respect Bridget, as does every other sitter who knows her. And her clients all adore her.

My next recommendations are for a couple of larger operations that provide top-notch service to canines in our community:

  • Dogwoods Canine Play and Stay (http://www.dogwoodsplayandstay.com) is managed by Leslie Hernstedt, a wonderful gal I’ve known for many years because she worked at my vet’s office. She agreed to manage Dogwoods on the condition that she could make sure it continues to keep the facility updated and have loving, compassionate staff who treat the dogs as if they’re their own canine family members. Dogwoods offers full-service dog boarding, day care, grooming, self-wash, training, and a 3000-square foot indoor center. Their kennels are newly renovated with radiant heated floors and their staffing levels ensure that each dog gets as much cuddling and playtime as they want.
  • All Ways Dog Training / Boarding (http://www.allwaysdogtraining.com) does boarding and training on Steamboat Island Road. Several of my clients board their dogs here and rave about the family.
  • Sylvan Pet Lodge (http://www.sylvanpetlodge.com) is a boarding facility that I’ve heard wonderful things about, although I’ve never actually visited. My clients whose dogs stay at Sylvan absolutely rave about them. Sylvan provides a low-stress environment where dogs get regular exercise and frequent, individual attention. Dogs have access to individual indoor/outdoor (covered) runs through their own privacy doors in addition to having time to run in larger fenced areas. Once staff know which dogs are well-matched playmates, the dogs get to play together! The owners live on the same property, so they’re always there to check-up on the dogs and make sure everyone is doing well. Dogs who are timid or nervous get paired with a friendly, calm canine buddy who helps them adjust – I hear this works extremely well.

If your dog enjoys visiting another local daycare or boarding kennel, let me know. I’m always on the lookout for more great local resources.


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