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Great Dane Eats 43.5 Socks And Only Wins 3rd Place

I read an article on the BBC news website about the “They Ate WHAT?” contest run by Veterinary Practice News and I had to share!

Kitten abducts alien

Third place went to a Great Dane who ate 43.5 socks. Honorable mentions include a bearded dragon who ate a Barbie’s banana, a golden retriever who swallowed a light bulb, a kitten who ate a toy alien figure (that x-ray cracks me up!), a dog who ate rubber duckies, and so many more.

Although my Rumi will perform remarkable feats to get to food, he has never eaten strange nonfood items. (knock on wood) But if he ever does, I’ll encourage his veterinarian to enter him into this contest.


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