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Duck The Malls With Your Donations, Fa La La La La (Gifting Donations To Pet Charities)

When people want to give me a gift for the holidays or my birthday, I usually tell them that what’s at the top of my wish list is a donation in my name to Feline Friends, Best Friends, or one of my other favorite companion animal non-profits.

One of the blogs I keep an eye on, just posted a list of Washington charities that help abandoned, neglected, and abused animals. Check out the “Giving Local: Pet Charities” post on WA-List to see info about 17 local charitable organizations that serve domesticated and/or feral animals by providing medical care, spay/neuter surgeries, adoption, fostering, or food and shelter for the most needy animals.

This list highlights info from the Secretary of State’s charities database about what percentage of each org’s expenses go directly to the care of the animals. (The lower the percentage, the higher the amount of overhead costs that the org has. Costs such as staffing, marketing, accountants, lawyers, utility bills, etc.)

There are certainly more animal-related charities than those included in this WA-List post, and they clearly state “this is far from a complete list or a ‘best’ list… we had to set a threshold of some kind to keep the list manageable.”

After looking over list, I went to the Secretary of State’s database to look up a few more charities – not just pet-related – just for fun. Very insightful. I highly recommend doing this.

(The photo above is of Sydney & I and was taken by Steve Campion. Sydney was a stray cat who appeared on my property in El Missiano Del Gato and who Feline Friends helped me neuter and rehome. Look at his sweet face!)


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