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Tiki Is Looking For Her Forever Home

Tiki is a foster cat living with one of my friends on Steamboat Island Road in Olympia.

Here is Tiki’s video and a personal ad, written by her foster mama! If you know of anyone looking for an affectionate, playful feline friend, please contact Tiki’s foster mom, Becky at 913-909-8215.

spunk·y [spuhng-kee]

adjective, spunk·i·er, spunk·i·est. plucky; spirited.

If I had to describe Tiki with one word it would be SPUNKY! This girl spent her first few years having babies and caring for them and now it is her turn to shine. She announces her presence in a room with a profound meow and will honor you with a visit to your lap for some much deserved petting.

Tiki is okay with other fur friends or comfortable being alone and basking in all the attention. Either way, she would be an awesome addition to your family and bring a refreshing bit of the ‘spunkiness’ that is Tiki to your home.



1 comment to Tiki Is Looking For Her Forever Home

  • Great news! Tiki’s foster family couldn’t bear to part with her so they officially adopted her into their family.

    That’s great news for her papa because Tiki has been sleeping on his head to make sure he stays warm at night.

    Congratulations to Tiki and her entire family!

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