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It’s About Time (My Transition To Full-Time Sitting)

2014 biz card design

2014 marks the beginning of a big change for me and my clients. I’ll have a lot more availability because I’ve finally taken the leap to full-time freelancing!

(Up to now I’ve maintained a part-time job for predictable income and benefits. Relying on the feast or famine aspect of freelance income is a bit scary, but I want to stay focused on what’s most important to me: caring for animals!

Discounts for referring new clients to me

This seems like a good time to remind you that I’ll give you a 15% discount for every new client you refer to me. That’s right – refer 3 new clients to me and I’ll give you 15% off 3 future reservations!

If you want a stack of my business cards to give to friends, family, or colleagues, just ask. (My fresh new design for 2014 is pictured above.)

A couple of my clients have asked for a stack of my brochures to put out at work. (Be sure your employer allows this before ya do it.) I have plexiglas brochure holders I can provide, as well.

I designed a poster for another client who posted it on a bulletin board at work. (She’s the boss, so she gets to say that this is allowed.)

I can even provide you with coupons if you want to offer a special discount for your business clients. For example, I’ve given Feline Friends coupons to add to their packet of goodies for new adoptive families.

Taking time off

Me admiring one of my faves

Another change that’s coming is that I’m going to begin taking time off on a regular basis. For many years I’ve worked 7 days a week. I’ll now try to give myself at least 3 days off a month. (My cats and my sweetie are really looking forward to this.)

Contact me as soon as you realize you need a sitter. I’ll let my calendar to fill up on a first-come, first-served basis. The last 3 days to be claimed will be marked as my days off.Â

As usual, if you need a sitter on my days off, I’ll refer you to other great sitters. There are several wonderful local sitters with whom I job-share, so we’ll do our best to make sure your pets are taken care of.


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