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B-I-N-G-O Has His Forever Family In Time For The Holidays

After an unusually long stay with me, my foster kitten Bingo finally has his forever family! The couple is an absolutely PERFECT for Bingo. He was very brave about meeting them.

Bingo, list most cats, seem to know when they’re meeting the right family. It was the first time he met new humans without cowering in a hiding place. He did dash off to different room, but he didn’t actually hide. I slowly, calmly followed him and his family came in behind me with treats. They were very sweet and patient with him, showing him that they wanted him to make the move to approach them. Over the course of 30-45 min, he flirted with them, accepted treats from them, played with them, and even brushed up against their hands to ask for them to pet him! Often cats do act different when they meet their soul mates. But it always amazes me when their actions are THIS obvious.

His new family has contacted me several times since they took Bingo home. He cuddled with them in bed from the very first night. He was immediately playful and affectionate and brave enough that he’s met new human friends and has let them pet him! I’m so proud of him!

Congratulations to Bingo and his new Mama and Papa!


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