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Slip Slidin’ No More

Creative uses of non-skid carpet pads can minimize common annoyances for people who live with dogs and cats.

Obviously these pads are made to go under area rugs, and when used that way dogs and cats have an easier time controlling their movements as they run through the house or wrestle.

I use these pads in three cat places around my house. None of these are advertised as common uses for the product, but I’ve seen it used creatively in clients’ houses. I’ll share my favorite uses here and would love it if you would add comments with your own ideas for how these can be used to make our dogs’ and cats’ lives easier. So, below are my own personal favorites.

First, I slipped them under fleece blankets that sit on top of a dresser, a shelf, and a desk. The blankets used to slip n slide as the cats moved around to get comfortable. Now the non-slip pads make it easier for them to keep their balance as they knead and nest.

Then I added them underneath the cats’ cardboard scratchers (sitting on hardwood floors) so the scratchers wouldn’t scoot around as my cats used them. The scratchers get a lot more use now.

Most recently I’ve added non-skid pads under some of their food dishes. I use only ceramic, glass, and metal dishes, which slide around on the floor while the animals are eating. They don’t move around the floor now that the non-skid pads are under them. Whoohooo!

Do you use this padding material for other dog or cat related things?


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